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Please Read Carefully


At the Glossary Salon, it is our desire to help you achieve your hair goals and to keep your hair healthy while we do so. We are here for you to find out your expectations and make a plan to get you those results.  

Here are some things to consider when booking your hair color appointment:

  • What are your short term and long term hair goals?

  • What kind of color maintenance are you wanting (4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 8+ weeks)?

  • What is your budget?

  • How much time do you have for an appointment?

  • What is your color history? (We'll need to know about any color on your hair from the last 2 years).

  • What is the current health of your hair?

Pre-booking your follow-up appointment will guarantee that your hair will look fresh all year round. As the demand grows for each of our stylists - booking in advance enables us to prioritize your maintenance care.

You may choose to book follow-up appointments 6-12 weeks apart. Your maintenance time may vary depending on which color package you choose. Shorter time between appointments means less regrowth and shorter sessions in the salon.

You can also schedule color glosses or toners between your full color sessions to keep your color looking fresh and bright. 

Your stylist uses and recommends the best quality products for your hair to ensure better overall quality, health and color preservation. Likely, you'll want to purchase specialty shampoo, conditioner, home treatments, styling preps and finishing aids. These products are specially designed to protect your hair now that it's chemically treated. Protecting your hair is protecting your investment while preparing your hair for future treatment. We also sell professional quality hot tools for you to purchase if you desire.  



What you can expect at your appointment 


Thorough consultation takes place before the beginning of every service. Review each option with your stylist and create a plan together. Please let your stylist know of anything you've used on your hair over the last 18 months.


Because each color reservation can last several hours, complimentary refreshments are available. Feel free to bring snacks with you. 


To make sure you have everything you need, your stylist will recommend products to you and schedule your next maintenance appointment.




At The Glossary Salon, we want every customer to feel welcomed and cared for. We vow to serve our customers with professionalism and respect. 
Salon  policies are set in place to maintain the professionalism of our environment and to ensure a quality experience for all in the salon. 


Out of respect for others, please consider arranging outside childcare for the date of your hair appointment. We use sharp tools, hot irons, and chemicals while we work and we want to protect your children and ourselves. Crying, playing, and noisy video games may disturb others ability to enjoy their relaxing experience. If your child is watching videos or playing games, please provide them with headphones.  <p>
Children receiving haircut services are welcome- however must be accompanied by a parent for the entire duration of the service. 
Teenagers receiving services must be accompanied by a parent during the consultation and price quote.

late arrivals:

If you arrive 15 minutes or later past your reserved appointment time, our staff and stylists reserve the right to reschedule your appointment for another date. We do try to do our best to accommodate, and we will, if we can. Many of us have layered appointments that start every 30 minutes with clients and if we take you 20 min. Late, it will throw a stylists entire day off schedule and make every client behind you have to wait.

We understand that traffic and things happen beyond our control. If you see that you will be more that 5 minutes behind arriving for your appointment, please give the salon a call and check with the stylist to make sure we will be able to accommodate you as desired when you arrive.

Thank you for your understanding.



Should you need to cancel or reschedule your services, we require that you give us a 48 hour notice. As a service to you, We send a reminder text to you 2 days before your appointment so please remember to give us a call then if you need to adjust your appointments.

Cancelations made in less than 24 hours or no call/ no show will be charged a service fee of $50 at their next appointment . Our staff understands that life happens and things come up, just like it does in our own lives.The salon keeps waiting lists of clients that are wanting to get in, and when you don't let us know that you can't make it, you take away our ability to make an income and support our families. We reserve 3 hours for most color appointments and when you cancel last minutethat is 3 full hours we cannot work and therefore cannot make income.

We love and appreciate our clients so much and we value our time with you. Thank you for understanding and supporting us.



Understanding color lift

There are 10-12 natural levels of lift, 12 being lightest and 1 being black. To help you and your stylist consult we have provided a color matching chart below to help you measure your potential results. 

Remember that to achieve the lighter blondes, it may take several appointments to get you there. Your stylist will help guide your hair journey so that it is something you feel confident in the whole way. 

Even the "simplest" color may take several sessions to accomplish. Open communication and patience is essential to setting yourself up for success. Please feel free to reference this color guide when consulting with your colorist.

hair color levels.png

The graphic above shows the undertones revealed when color-treating hair. These tones are unavoidable but can be neutralized temporarily. To maintain neutral color, hair maintenance is required every 4-8 weeks.

One 3 hour session achieves 1-3 levels of lift. Any service exceeding 3 ½ hours is considered a color correction and will be priced accordingly. 


Give us a call at (601) 845-1111 to book your appointment.

We can't wait to see you in the salon!